Enterprise graded Blockchain Solutions
for banking, insurance and supply chain
using IoT & Artificial Intelligence.


International Remittance On Blockchain

  • Digiledge's International remittance platform helps banks and money exchange houses to improve the operational efficiency of international money transfer process by exploiting the properties of distributed ledger.
  • The system connects various participants such as FX dealers in exchange houses , the treasury department of banks , the remittance departments of exchange houses and banks.
  • The system is built on CORDA DLT platform and does not use any cryptocurrencies and provides

    • Single source of truth • No legal hassles
    • Security taken care • Business confidentiality ensured

Decentralised Procurement in Blockchain

  • The procurement application helps large enterprises to take care of the procurement business process starting from creation of purchase indent , multilevel approval, creation of purchase order from multiple indents , adding contractual clauses using smart contracts , acceptance and creation of purchase order , tracking and tracing of various reports and finally raising invoices.
  • Our solution helps our customers to increase the business process efficiency, achieve end to end trustful digitization , audit trails and immediate reconciliation of facts.

Process of Cheque verification & handling

  • Digiledge Cheque verification application helps end customers to handle chances of frauds such as material alteration, signature forgery, bouncing cheques, adequate account balances etc.
  • End users could use a mobile application to submit the details of a cheque.
  • The system will contact the corresponding issuing banks to verify the authenticity using a decentralized network.

Blockchain Based Invoice Discounting

  • Digiledge invoice discounting platform supports major aspects of invoice business process , supply chain finance and dealer financing .
  • The commerce process ,where a supplier submits an invoice to a buyer, then invoice is getting approved by the buyer and converted to a first class asset. The finance process , kicks in when a supplier would trigger a loan request to potential lenders by pledging the approved invoice .
  • The platform also provides integration to legacy credit scoring applications and ERPs. The solution helps to solve problems such as fraudulent invoices, manual processes , issues related to ownership of data .

Tokenized Rewards and Loyalty

  • cryptoPats is an Ethereum based platform for sending and receiving rewards and recognition in the form of tokens.
  • The platform helps end users to keep their reputation and data with them. The application could be integrated with enterprise systems and existing applications.


  • Agrichain, a distributed marketplace for agriculture, where farmers can sell their produce directly to buyers through forward contracts.
  • Agrichain helps small and marginal farmers to connect directly to the end consumers.
  • The whole aim is to help farmers to “sell before the harvest” and achieve financial inclusion.It helps end consumers to achieve end to end tracking of products from seeding to harvesting.

Digiledge Test network

  • Digiledge test network helps you to get a multiledger network up and running quickly. Currntely the test network supports Digiledge “CORDA doorman and network map”.



Business analysis for identifying the right blockchain solution for the given problem . We provide end to end security audit and analysis for blockchain deployment and smart contract development based on our expereince in deploying live enterprise blockchain networks .


Using digiledge middleware and based on expereince in working with tier one customers , we know the perils of enterprise integration of blockchain. This experience coupled with deep knowledge of Ethereum, Hyperledger, Corda and other platforms we are in a position to deliver faster and meaning ful proof of concepts.


We provide end to end solutions for ICOs ,Crypto exchanges .We understand the business and technology of ICOs and crypto exchanges. Our offering starts with business consulting , requirement formalization , identifying the right technology and solution implementaiton.


Founding Team

Mahesh Govind
Chandni Mahesh
Rama Warrier